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A places with beautiful mountains and clouds.

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If you like to travel worldwide then you’ll find the most beautiful places in Pakistan. You must visit Pakistan at least once in your life. There are the most beautiful and wonderful places for tourism. There are big mountains, rivers, and valleys in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Places to Visit Pakistan

The following are the best places to visit Pakistan.

  1. Hunza Valley
  2. Swat Valley
  3. Neelum Valley
  4. Naran Khagan
  5. Kalash Valley

Hunza Valley

Occurring in the snow-capped mountains, this lush and green vale is also called the paradise of the world. Hunza vale is located in northern Gilgit-Baltistan.

Places to Visit Hunza

These are the best places to visit in Hunza.

  1. Attabad Lake
  2. Karimabad
  3. Altit Fort
  4. Baltit Fort
  5. Rush Lake

Swat Valley

The Swat is a heaven of Pakistan located in the Hindu Kush mountain range in KPK. It is also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan due to its most beautiful natural landscapes and ancient historical monuments and places. Swat dale is a tourist destination worldwide based on its culture and civilization. Singing waterfalls in the snow-clad mountains, wide plains, water fountains, and dense forests enthrall the viewer.


Locations in Swat

Below are the names of subsequent locations in Swat.

  1. Kalam Valley
  2. Kumrat Valley
  3. Madyan
  4. Bahrain
  5. Saidu Sharif

Neelum Valley

Neelum dale is the most beautiful valley located the North of Muzzafarabad in Azad Kashmir. Neelam dale attracts tourists from all over the world for its beauty. The river passes through the Neelum. Wooden houses are built there for living. The people there prefer to live in wooden houses. This valley consists of beautiful thick forests, green mountains, and springs. These are the following best places to visit.

Spots of Neelum

Below are the subsequent spots of Neelum.

  1. Sharda
  2. Arang Kel
  3. Toabat
  4. Keran
  5. Dhani Waterfall

Naran Kaghan

Naran and Kaghan are two different valleys located in the Mansehra district of the KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) province of Pakistan. These valleys are the tourist hub of the world. People love the different and delicious food here. It would be best if you visited these places in Naran Kaghan Pakistan.

Localities of Naran Kaghan

These are the localities to visit Nara Kaghan.

  1. Saif Ul Maluk Lake
  2. Ansoo Lake
  3. Lulusar
  4. Babusar Pass
  5. Kunhar River

Kalash Valley

This Kalash valley is situated in the south of the Hindu Kush, which is two hours away from Chitral city. Their language is called Kalashu because it is a combination of Sanskrit and Persian. The culture of the Kalash tribe has different characteristics from all the tribes settled in Chitral.Tourists from all over the world visit Kalash to witness its culture. Here you will find more articles.



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